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Visual Storyteller

Doña Ligia

Doña Ligia

In a small village just outside of Merida Mexico, Doña Ligia prepares "Brazo de Reina" in her small wicker cottage. A Yucatecan dish made with maza, chaya, eggs, tomato sauce, pipan (ground pumpkin seeds) and wrapped in banana leaves. Doña Ligia supports her children by making delicious dishes to sell at the market utilizing creative methods of cooking with found objects.  


Relaxing at Market

Yogyakarta Indonesia has massive open air markets with vibrant produce often displayed on blankets or market floors. Many families grow their own produce and sell it daily at market.


In the field

Driving down the road on a moped in rural Indonesia we spotted this farm worker cutting down corn stalks clearing his field for the next planting. He worked quickly and precisely bundling the stalks and severing them in one swift motion. 

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